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ALPINE INFOSOFT Provide Laptop for rent in Delhi NCR is the pioneer in delivering all Rental services at your doorstep. We provide you with fully customized and quality product with technical assistance on our rental services. ALPINE INFOSOFT is the leader in providing entire necessity of computer, laptop, printers, projectors, server, LCD, and other computer accessories for purchasing or hiring. If you want a Laptop on rent in Gurugram, Noida, Delhi and NCR., then ALPINE INFOSOFT is the perfect destination to prefer. Founded in 2003, we were operating for last 19 years. We provide you with all computer rental needs by setting the benchmark for high-tech gadgets at the most economical pricing. Among all the suppliers in the Indian competitive market, we are undoubtedly the best, always wowing our clientele with outstanding rental services. At ALPINE INFOSOFT, we have an extensive collection of rental equipment. ALPINE INFOSOFT offers Laptop for rent in Gurugram, Noida, Delhi NCR. from renowned manufacturers such as IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba and Acer. We are not only expert in providing our clients a quality product, but additionally have qualified expertise to provide supreme technical support on our rental services.

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At ALPINE INFOSOFT, we have kept strong focal point on rental services by following the procedure of strict quality control. We specialize in offering all types of computers and Laptop for rent in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and NCR with the modern configuration. Over the decade, ALPINE INFOSOFT has hired and trained a panel of qualified executives, sales, and technical support personnel to provide a "Comprehensive Rental Package" to our clientele in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and NCR. You can undoubtedly opt for the Laptop on rent in Gurugram, Delhi, Noida, and NCR. from us without any second thought and we assure you total satisfaction. We provide PC's and laptops on rent covering almost all the major cities of Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and NCR. etc. ALPINE INFOSOFT is providing you complete rental services that are best for your business growth and that will make success stories for you.

We Provide IT and AV Equipment’s Since 1993

Short & Long Term Rental.
100% Quality Assurance.
Leading Brands.
Tailored Packages.
Free Quote.
Low Cost, Easy Setup.
Lowest Monthly Rentals. Guaranteed

ALPINE INFOSOFT is your ultimate destiny for a wide range of branded Laptop on rent in Noida, Gurugram, Delhi and NCR. Our Superior Rental Solutions in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and NCR are suitable for all kind of our esteemed client's need whether it's IT, Call centre, School, College, Home or any Organization. When looking for Laptop on rent in Gurugram, Noida, Delhi and NCR, our Rental Solutions will be the finest option for you. Whatever your business requirement would be, ALPINE INFOSOFT will satisfy your requirements.

Offer of the Month
Desktop on rent (Assembled) Intel Dual Core, RAM 2GB, 320GB HDD, 16" TFT, Keyboard, Mouse @ 8,00.00 Per Month
Desktop on rent (Branded) Intel Core 2Duo, RAM 2GB, 320GB HDD, 16" TFT, Keyboard, Mouse @ 1,000.00 Per Month
HP, Dell Laptop on rent Intel Core 2 Duo, RAM 2GB , HDD 250GB, wifi, 14.1" DVD R+W @ 1,200.00 Per Month
HP, Dell Laptop on rent Intel Core i3 , RAM 2GB , HDD 250GB, wifi, 14.1" DVD R+W @ 1,600.00 Per Month
HP, Dell Laptop on rent Intel Core i5 , RAM 2GB , HDD 250GB, wifi, 14.1" DVD R+W @ 2,000.00 Per Month.
SHARP, DELL, BENQ, Panasonic Projector on rent without Screen @ 8,00.00 per day
Exclusive Price For Corporate & Govt Enterprises Call Us: +91-9811623325


If you are looking for a Laptop on rent in delhi our company is providing branded laptops in good condition on rent. We are charging an affordable rent so that even if you are a student, you will not feel any burden on your budget. You will get an updated and customized laptop that will be ready to use.

Branded Laptops on Rent in Delhi :

Our Company is providing laptop on rent in Delhi. We got laptops of companies like Dell, HP and, Lenovo, etc and they are new.

Customized Laptops on Rent in Delhi :

If you are looking for customized laptops on rent in Delhi, you can contact us anytime and get a laptop on rent. If you will hire a laptop from our company, we will provide you with your own machine that will have all the features you require to start working. The laptop that we provide on rent will have all the updated software and you can also extend its RAM whenever you want.

Intel Core i3 (6th Gen)

laptop on hire in Gurgaon

14.1-inch HD Laptop (4GB RAM/1TB HDD/DOS/ Black/2.1kg/with ODD)

Intel Core i5 (8th Gen)

14.1-inch FHD Laptop (8GB/1TB HDD/DOS/Sparkling Black /2.04 kg)

Intel Core i7 (8th Gen)

(8 GB/1 TB HDD/128 GB SSD/128 GB EMMC Storage/Windows 10 Home/4 GB Graphics) (14 inch, Natural SIlver, With MS Office)



Question 1. What are the usual charges for hiring a laptop on rent?
Answer - - Laptop rent starts from INR 60 per day or INR 1200 per month.

Question 2. Who can rent a laptop ?
Answer - Any individual or a company can hire laptops on rent easily but majorly startups or businesses who are expanding their workforce, hire laptops from us. We offer best quality laptops on rent and also provide technical assistance as required.

Question 3. Where can I find laptops on rent in Delhi NCR?
Answer - One can easily hire laptops on rent in Delhi NCR from AlpineInfosoft Audio Visual with few simple steps, choose your laptop type, share your requirements and get your rented laptop delivery anywhere in Delhi.

Question 4. What is better - buying a laptop or renting a laptop?
Answer - Every once wants to have his own laptop, but when it comes to making a wise decision then renting a laptop is a better option than buying one. We are living in an era where technology is running ahead of time and thus new technology and versions of laptops are coming every second week and thus to keep yourself updated, you must hire the best laptop available and as soon the new version comes, you can ask your vendor to update your laptop with the latest version. It will save your money and keep you equipped with the latest versions always.

Question 5. What laptop brands your offer on rent?
Answer - We have all the latest models of major brands to offer in rent or lease. To name a few are:
● HP
● Dell
● Lenovo
● Compaq
● Acer
● Asus
● Apple

Question 6. What are the available configurations or technology of laptops you are offering on rent?
Answer - As a laptop rental agency, we have a huge range of laptops which are available for rent and these are the configurations we usually offer, you may check them below
● Processor - i3, i5 or i7
● RAM - 4 GB, 8 GB or 16 GB
● CPU - Latest
● Operating Systems - Latest

Question 7. Why do startups prefer renting a laptop instead of buying it?
Answer - Startups have many reasons why they hire laptops on rent, like they do not want to invest heavily in fixed assets and they also do not have to take technical worries as laptop rental companies like us also provide technical assistance and support.

Question 8. What is the minimum time period for renting a laptop?
Answer - We do not have any locking period as such and you can also hire laptops on rent for a day or for a month. We have many MNCs and startups where we have our systems on rent for yearly lease and they keep on extending our lease agreement year on year as we offer flawless services.

Question 9. What other products do you offer on rent, apart from laptops?
Answer - We at AlpineInfoSoft Audio Visual offer a wide range of electronic items on rent with utmost ease and technical support. You can hire these things on rent from AlpineInfoSoft:
● Laptops on rent
● Macbook on rent
● Printers on rent
● Projectors on rent
● LED Walls on rent
● LED TVs on rent
● iMac on rent
● iPad on rent

Question 10. How much time does it take to rent a laptop?
Answer - We can offer you laptops on rent the same day also or maximum in 24 hours, depending on your location.

Question 11. Do we have to deposit security for hiring a laptop on rent?
Answer - You have to provide a valid ID proof and then you do not need to deposit any security deposit.

  Upgrade Options:


  Laptop on rent provide laptop rentals with a variety of memory capacities. Laptop on rent gives you the flexiblity to upgrade your RAM upto 32 GB to match your needs.


  For all your valuable data higher capacity HDD options available with Laptop on rent. You can upgrade your hard disk upto 1 TB to store your crucial data without any problems.

Graphics Card :

  Laptop With 2/4 GB Dedicated Graphics Cards.


  You need not struggle for the on-time delivery of the product and we will provide you with a quick delivery that is within a few hours of booking your laptop on rent. If you want to rent a laptop in Delhi on an urgent basis, you just need to call us and get your laptop booked. We will deliver your updated laptop within a few hours of booking it.


  We are the company that is providing laptop on affordable rents. If you are interested in a laptop on rent in Delhi on affordable rent, contact us and let us know about your requirement.

We will not only provide you a customized laptop on an affordable rent but also deliver it really quick so that you can start again with your work without wasting anytime while waiting. So, if you need a laptop on rent in Delhi, you can contact us any time and get delivered your laptop from us.

Hire the iPad, MacBook and Laptop on Rent in Gurgaon Also Get UPS and Server Rental Service in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi and NCR


Here's the great news. Our laptop on hire in Delhi is among the greatest providers in India that seeks to serve all sorts of needs from companies and individuals.

Firms need laptops in bulk. They have needs that are different. The requirements vary traveling executives, teams making seminars, trade shows, conventions, and sales presentations.

For business, getting laptops is a challenge. They ought to generate an investment. But laptop rentals have changed all that.

The principle of laptop for rent in Delhi is that it supports a company financially to prevent investment by buying a lot of laptops and then signing service contracts. Our short-term laptop rentals overcome the constraints of logistics and time pressure.

Cost efficient and effective way

We help you by saving investment as stuff become junk fast and since the value will be dropped corporates to keep.

By hiring laptop, spending money turns wise and you can benefit from advances in laptop technology. By utilizing the models Additionally, it will offer an edge over rivals.

Hiring laptops cuts business expenditures. It doesn't make any sense to purchase equipment for a couple of meetings, a few days training, or even a corporate event. As a result of affordable laptop hire forking out lots of money can be escaped.

Renting a laptop also save your space. Storing laptops eat up plenty of space that is vital and the space gets cluttered.

Tax benefit from laptop rental

Most frequently laptop rental provides the benefit of escaping from obsolete hardware. This is because you may pay as long as it is used by you.

For companies investing in IT equipment as they are counted in fixed assets is taxable. But renting a laptop makes it an operational cost and they can save you from tax.

A laptop rental provider is going to be a fantastic support for the business contribute to company success and to boost productivity.

Renting a laptop is excellent for both short term or to long term business requirements. Needs are faced by all companies. It's viable than purchasing a completely new system to lease a laptop.

So many brands and range

We provide a wide assortment of specifications and brands. From our inventory, you can get what you want. It may be Corei3 Corei7 Apple Laptop, MacBook, iPad whatever.

Our platter of laptops has a choice when it comes to battery lifetime, operating systems and processors. Some of the brands with us include Sony, and Apple Dell, HP, IBM.

Our inventory also includes ROG Gaming Laptop; Lenovo laptop with core 13 chip, using a laptop carry bag; Asus ROG gaming laptop amongst others. We've got a business model that provides big savings. Laptop on rent in Delhi helps customers to obtain a cost advantage and we take up responsibility for its upkeep.

There's the technology for connecting with customers being used. Our laptop on rent service in Delhi has a fantastic support system to assist customers in most problem areas and we boost their comfort and convenience level.

Hassle free access

As the leading laptop rental agency, we've got the best sales staff. We've made of our operations leasing and streamlined is hassle-free. Those taking a laptop on rental from us receive the best scheduling, prompt delivery with the minimal turnaround time.

Whether for personal and office use. Our laptops are like new ones. They can be returned by you. Our laptop rental cost is aggressive yet decent and inexpensive.

Our laptop rental company in Delhi is quite affordable for customers. We provide the best customer support with maintenance services, and implementation.


Amidst hundreds of rent laptop services, we're unique because our service is dependable as we provide custom made plans for company projects, short term and long term. The leasing can be for more than a year or a couple of days.

You can read the customer comments and testimonials enjoying support and our work. We utilize our tools to ensure immaculate shipping inventory selection, and installation services.

Customers are happy because we supply the top laptop manufacturers on lease in ways the choice matches the best price. Installation and our delivery are free of charge. Our motto is to keep our customers happy.


Laptop on rent in Delhi cost will keep you on top of the most recent software and hardware without having to spend big money.

Our rental laptops offer you best performance and they're in good shape. Our offerings are cost-effective with 24/7 service. Choose from versions brands, and our variety once you become our client and avail our care and service.

Come and pick out the laptop of your choice. Read the directions and here you go. We'll deliver the laptop and you begin enjoying the high.


All of us are aware of the fact that how useful device a laptop is? You can get every single person carrying a laptop with him to create his daily routine task simpler whether it's linked to office function, studies, personal use, and domestic or some other or we can say the majority of the men are depended upon laptop to keep all information, demonstration, documents at the same spot.

Despite the fact that laptop is the imperative apparatus for childhood but it gets average to purchase it or sadly you may meet any error with your laptop when doing your work. What to do? Do not worry, you can receive this hindrance to resolve by obtaining Laptop in Rent in no time constraints. Service called Rent a Laptop is available today.

We render of your requirements for the laptop at the same place whether you require for a day, a week or a month. Regardless of what requirements you have about Rent a laptop. We claim to provide these above Laptops on Lease at Noida in the most competitive price, consequently, everyone can easily afford it without thinking much. We give you the best service including up to date products which provides quality of output to you. Moreover, customers can spend less and time by obtaining Laptop on rent in Noida


  • If you're intending to take Laptop on Rent in Noida a risk due to the security point then feel yourself free by maintaining this stage apart because we give priority to your precious work and treat it as ours.

  • It is extremely easy to attain laptop on rent in a restricted time period but you seldom get 24*7 solutions for the same. Here, we provide our clients round the clock accessibility of Laptop Renting Service in Noida without charging extra.

  • The best portion of our Laptop Rental Agency is that we have a team of highly qualified technicians that never deliver their clients sick or laptops with minor issues. They always keep Laptops in Rent in excellent condition so that customers won't face any technical problem when using it.

  • Moreover, if when clients face any type of trouble when working on a laptop, technicians hired by us will fix it in no time and make you accessible with Laptop at its very best.

  • You will get Laptop Rental in Noida in the time you need which is very impressive and reliable. We, laptop Rental business in Noida, deliver a laptop at the time when you're trying to find. Luckily, if the sector is government or private, a business, we, Laptop Rental Agency, cope in each and every section.

  • If you're worrying to have help from us and thinking what if we're fake, then we would love to inform you that we're professionally and professionally managed organization with well-tested apparatus and called best Laptop Renting Service in Noida.

  • On the other hand, if company man scares about depreciation or shed seeing assets like laptops and laptops that they are now able to avoid the danger of assets with the support of Laptop Rent in Noida.


If you're searching for the ideal solution for Laptop Rent at Noida then we believe we got much respect in dealing Laptop on hire at Noida at a fair price. But we assure our clients to provide Laptop on Rent in Noida in the cheapest price. We've got all creative elements to make you accessible with the Laptop Rental in Noida in accordance with your requirements.

  • Complete solution with all merchandise range.

  • Proper security points.

  • Short in addition to long leasing time interval.

  • Perfect Quality of this laptop.

  • Cost-effective alternative.

  • Instant Shipping.

  • All probable brands available

  • Volume delivery also possible if required.

Taking laptops on rent isn't just requirement of independently but also, it's the right opportunity for the entrepreneurs for their company to launch appropriately with the aid of Laptop on Rent Service at Noida. This is the approach to enhance the business infrastructure.

So, if do not want to take any risk initially of this company then Laptop in Rent is your best idea to establish and to give your company a better comprehension without losing goodwill. We might prove backbone of your new began company and push your company towards growth with the assistance of Laptop on Rent Service at Noida.

At, laptop Rental business in Noida, our support is offered in all-around Noida with no excess cost and expenses. Never wait to find the service when it comes to improving your company and you had to eliminate your hurdles.

It may be possible you're still in making choice confused, do not worry as we believe, it is not a decision that is easy. We are available on other media, emails, and telephone calls. You hunted out your queries and can get connected anytime. In case if you're still not satisfied then let us have a discussion.


Alpine Infosoft is a right place for laptop rental services. If you're planning to get a network for your office or home, then call in the Alpine Infosoft. A call at Alpine Infosoft number guarantees you delivery solutions that are excellent.

If you are running a small company, the purchasing of new laptop in the workplace can put pressure on your pocket, but at Alpine Infosoft we know this issue and deliver you laptop rentals services around in Gurgaon at an economic or very affordable price.

The majority of the people like a huge desktop computer monitor. Because a desktop computer remains in one spot, it will become. A desktop PC can also connect to their devices essentially producing an abysmal network.


Linking with Alpine Infosoft be sure that all of the customers are happy with the superior condition of every product rented out. We provide the laptop on rent in addition to branded. Alpine Infosoft does not assert that its laptop rental services are offered at the low cost, but we guarantee that our service charges are in line with the industry standard and we assert that our products are the finest. By keeping in mind about the client requirement and budget, the laptop on lease service charge was produced.

Many entrepreneurs desire to set up their own business, but they cannot invest in the purchasing of a new laptop, in that circumstance, Alpine Infosoft is among the best solutions. Here you can rent a laptop of all brand with specification on the very affordable or economic price. Alpine Infosoft Services are available in Gurgaon.

Here you can employ all brands of laptop. We can configure your laptop rental all for a price, to your specifications. We're the 1 source for every sort of laptop rental service provider in Gurgaon that are whole. Here you can buy media configuration for your laptop rental & installation. To learn more, call our support number.


It's one of those great if you want temporary laptop at a stationary context. If you want one or two hundred laptops on a basis, join Alpine Infosoft for a no cost, no obligation price quote periods can be as short as you require. In case you've got specific software that you want, we can offer all sorts of laptop leasing preloaded so that if it's delivered to you, each laptop is about to go. The laptop given by Alpine Infosoft run the most current in OS system.


Why to purchase when you can Rent a laptop? Yes, now you can hire a laptop on rent in Gurgaon at an affordable price. Alpine Infosoft offers various brands of a laptop with the latest technology that can meet your requirement.

Nowadays laptop is a needed asset for everyone. A few of the people today buy a laptop, but a few cannot afford to do so, or just needs one. You can hire a laptop on rent. From laptop rental service you can call at Alpine Infosoft.

A call at Alpine Infosoft ensures you get the very best and latest laptop at affordable or minimal prices in whole Gurgaon. To learn more call or you may also visit Alpine Infosoft, hunt & Laptop on rent near me" at Gurgaon nothing is far better than Alpine Infosoft.


We can fix your laptop rental requirement whether you will need a laptop for a day, a week or a month. We've got a whole lot of customers who can guarantee on support & our quality service. The list of the client is increasing every day by passing.

When you lease a laptop from Alpine Infosoft, you instantly have access to a number of the best brands in the business. We offer a selection of laptop of specification and brands. We believe in customer satisfaction deliver support. When you are offered these services in rates and the best by Alpine Infosoft but to go anywhere.

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